100 Percent Bikini Destruction

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What you are about to see is nothing short of hot pink bikini destruction, courtesy of everyone's honeybabe, Renee Ross, Voluptuous Model of the Year two years running. Renee stands against a bare blue background, the better to examine and focus on her amazing jugs and sexy face. She jiggles and jumps, her immense 40J cups releasing enough kinetic energy to power an ocean liner. Renee squirts the shiny stuff on them, one container in each hand. Her boobs need two jars of the stuff. One is not enough. The camera focus is Renee's veiny, jumbolicious jubblies in close-up as we celebrate the miracle of her mammalicious marvels. "Renee Ross is going to be a legend," writes K.L. "I can't stop jacking off to her photos and videos since I first saw her. Is she really as nice and sweet as she seems? She's so hot in hardcore and solo. Renee is one of the all-time greatest models you ever found." Of that there is no doubt.