A Sucker For Big Tits Meets Natasha Dulce

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Our pal should endlessly thank his friends at The SCORE Group for hooking him up for this encounter with delicious busty beauty Natasha Dulce. What a treasure! Natasha is looking extra-hot in her denim cut-off and cleavage-baring blouse. She's back after a year away from the cameras. An exotic dancer in Tampa, Florida, Natasha knows how to use a couch. Natasha and Juan sit down and make-out feverishly. He strips her down to her high heels and sucks on her gorgeous, young nipples. She bends over and sticks her ass out. He spreads her soft ass cheeks apart after jiggling them and opens her pussy and butt hole. No more exciting sight could exist than this. Natasha gets on her knees and begins to suck his hardening shaft. She makes moaning and slurping sounds as she tries to get most of the long horn down her throat. Natasha sits on the couch, spreads her legs and rubs her pussy while Juan stands on the couch over her ands feeds her more of his cock. Just these two opening blow job positions are hot enough to inspire any man to drop his load. They are far from done! There is more sucking and tit-fucking and pussy-stuffing ahead! Natasha is one of the cutest busty vixens to go full-speed ahead. She is a role model for other buxom young things eager for fun and fame in the big-boob game. Many dancers and models look like they're falling asleep compared to her. Natasha gives more than 100%. For someone who's only 21, that kind of self-motivation is impressive. "I still have a lot to learn and experience," Natasha says. "Things to learn. People think I'm a sweet girl. They say, 'Oh, you look so innocent.' But I'm very naughty at times. I like to get my way a lot." Thanks for coming back to SCORE, Natasha. We have missed your and your sexy ways.