Looking lush in all the right places

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Ann Calis, a natural beauty from Romania, has the kind of plump body I love. She proves that it's possible to be soft and super-busty without being lumpy. Being curvy is the key to this. If a girl has curves, she has a place to store her extra weight, and when she puts on weight, it distributes more evenly--it goes to her tits, her waist, her ass and her thighs. At least that's my take on the situation. "I started to develop when I was 12 and I had the biggest breasts of all my friends," Ann said. "I like when guys notice me and pay attention, not just to my chest but to all of me." As I said, with a girl like Ann, there are a lot of places to look. Ann likes to swim. I could make a comment about her floaters, and I guess I just did. Ann is 5'4" and has F-cup tits. She said they were double-Ds,but we noticed immediately that her DD bra didn't fit. The F-cup bra did fit, although barely. Anyway, enjoy your first look at this cute, plush beauty.