Sydni takes it up the ass...and loves it

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Sydni Lane enjoys anal sex on-camera for the first time, and she isn't shy about telling the whole world about it. "This is my first time getting fucked in the ass on-camera, and I can't wait," 61-year-old Sydni says. "I'm already getting chills." Funny, but we didn't notice any goose bumps on her ass while she was getting drilled in her ass-pipe, but maybe we weren't looking closely enough. Actually, we were. We were watching while Sydni was getting ass-fucked every which way, in every possible position, and moaning and screaming and taking every a porn star? Well, yeah, like a porn star, but Sydni definitely isn't one of those. "I haven't seen that much porn," Sydni said. " I told my friend that I really didn't want to see too much porn or look at too many magazines because I just want myself to come out and be myself, not pick up somebody else's style. I just saw a little bit to get an idea." Says Sydni near the end of the scene, "I would love you to cum on this ass!" Was that being yourself, Sydni? Or was that an idea you got from watching porn? Either way, it works for us.