Triple Play

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SCORE's crack experts in shipping and handling are hard at work in the warehouse when their supervisor comes in to have his morning scream at them. He also informs them that a new hire is coming in, a really hard worker, and if they want to keep their jobs, they'll shape up quick. Little do they know who that new hire is. Her name is Siri. And she looks suspiciously like that new model Siri who conquered SCORELAND the first day she showed up. When she shows up for work, Siri already puts these two goldbricks to shame. But Siri is having a problem getting a box up on a high shelf. She keeps trying and every time she tries, her big boobs bounce out of her blouse. The two bums are breastnotized. When Siri packs a box, they're spellbound. The daily grind of these two dudes is about to change. Siri approaches them on one of their many rest periods and tells them that she knows they've been checking out her tits. In fact, she reassures them that it's fine. And to prove it, she begins to suck both of their cocks right there in the break room. A nearby couch makes a good altar of lust as they take turns filling Siri's pussy and mouth. The fringe benefits at this job are fantastic! They'll never have another complaint at work again while Siri is their co-worker. After teaching these miscreants the value of hard labor, teamwork and cooperation, Siri, you're hired!