Ass fo Cash

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Getting your money's worth these days isn't as easy at it used to be. People rip you off, sell you cheap crap and have no clue about customer service. So if you want your money's worth, you are going to have to hit the pavement and find a deal. And lo and behold! You see Lana on the avenue slangin' that sweet, fat ass and you think to yourself, 'Now THIS is a deal!' And you know what? She is. "I always give my paying customers the five-star treatment. That means I am going to suck your dick, play with your balls, let you suck on these titties, let you get a taste of this sweet pussy and let you grab on, smack on and cum on this fat ass. You get your money's worth when I fuck you, Baby. You might want to even leave me a fat tip, too." Yeah, we suggest giving her the fat tip of your dick!