Mariza Rabbit Big Full Tit Texan

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Mariza Rabbit used to be an exotic dancer and said she enjoyed it. She's from San Antonio, Texas and lives in Las Vegas. Most of the models at SCORE magazine and SCORELAND back in the day were super-star big-bust dancers. Today, very few models come from the strip clubs, so it's extra-nice to welcome super-busty Mariza to the Big Show. SCORELAND: Mariza, you obviously work out. Mariza Rabbit: I work out four-to-five days a week and do yoga six-to-seven days a week. SCORELAND: Do you play or watch sports? Mariza Rabbit: I never played sports but I always liked to watch basketball. The San Antonio Spurs was always my team. SCORELAND: Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the rack? Mariza Rabbit: Anything with lots of support and sexy. I wish I could buy bras from the store but I have to get them custom made. I only wear a bra to the gym and to bed or photo shoots. I have 3000cc boobs. My goal is to go bigger. I love big tits, big asses and big lips. SCORELAND: Welcome to SCORE, Mariza Rabbit.