Jenn starts by cleaning up and ends up jizz with a messy facial

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Sexy 40something Jenn Cameron is doing some work around the house. She's wearing tight, short shorts and a little top that her nipples are poking through, and she keeps bending over while she straightens up. The thing is, though, that this divorcee and mom is not alone. She has some company, and the guy can't keep his eyes off of her. No surprise there. And when she catches him, he denies it in the lamest way possible. Besides, the hard-on in his pants is proof that he was staring. Well, before long, Jenn stops cleaning and starts sucking, and then the lucky guy fucks her hairy pussy and shoots his load all over her face. Jenn, who's a nurse, told us a bunch of fun things about herself. "My kinkiest sexual encounter was waking up a guy that I had met online with a blow job. It was the first time we had met in person. "After my separation, I began spending time with a 24-year-old. It was great. He definitely knew his way around a woman's body and always made sure I was satisfied. "I have never been watched while having sex in my personal life, but I do enjoy having sex on-camera and I like watching my own scenes. "I am best satisfied by being penetrated with clitoral simulation. In the bedroom I am passive. I like a guy that knows what he wants." This guy knew what he wanted. He got it.