The Wide Hotel Hi-Jacker

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Holy Jiggle Jugs, Boobman! This is a hotel bell-man's whacking fantasy come to life. "The Hotel Hi-Jacker" should be a required on-the-job training film for every hotel and resort employee. When Hawaiian dish Claudia KeAloha, who's in town to feature as a headlining feature exotic dancer, checks into her room, she's up for some action right away, and her first target is this lucky schmuck who is in the right place at the right time and in the right job. The first thing Claudia does when she walks into the room is sit on the bed and bounce up and down. That she's wearing a tight tank-top does not go unnoticed! Super-sexy Claudia needs a hard dick between her tits now and a healthy cum-blast to climax her Tits and Tugs session. The bellman may be a schmuck but he's got the right thick meat for Ms. KeAloha to enjoy! What a woman! If you ever have the chance to meet Claudia, offer to carry her bag.