Gianna Makes Christy Cream

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Here's Christy as Little Miss Innocent, getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar...or, in this case, the dildo drawer. Gianna Rossi's dildo drawer. "What are you doing? Why were you looking in my drawer?" Gianna asks when she catches Christy. Christy's holding onto a big, black dildo. This is where Christy plays Little Miss Innocent. Christy: "What is it?" Gianna: "Wanna learn how to use it?" Christy: "Will you show me?" Gianna, a seasoned porn slut, totally dominates Christy in this scene, making her suck the dildo, then tit-fucking her with it. "Everybody thinks I'm a good girl," Christy says. Everybody? Who's everybody? Christy isn't a good girl here. She's a bad girl. Gianna's a bad girl, too. Gianna spits on Christy's pussy while fucking it with the dildo. Gianna sits back, rubs herself and orders Christy around. See Christy's cunt cream. This is good stuff with two very bad girls.