Cute brunette exgirlfriend Veronica can. t stop masturbating.

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Veronica, 20, is from Texas. She is currently enrolled in college, and she's horny pretty much all of the time. "I masturbate, like, too much," she laughed when speaking with our camera guy. "I'll do it to chase away my boredom. I'll do it when I have a bunch of homework and need to concentrate. Hell, sometimes I'll be watching TV and realize that I've been absentmindedly rubbing my clit. Once, my roommate busted me doing that and I couldn't even defend myself. Like, yeah, you caught me fingering myself in our living room. It was pretty hilarious." Veronica enjoys going out to fancy restaurants, hanging with friends, partying, sunbathing and traveling. We catch up with Veronica as she is packing to leave for a trip. But after a minute or two of folding clothes, she has to lie down and give herself a big orgasm. She wasn't kidding when she said she does it all the time!