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Shelby Gibson, who has shot only for The SCORE Group and is one of the most-popular big-titted women we've ever featured, makes her long-awaited 40SomethingMag.com debut. Shelby, who was in her late 40s when this scene was shot, is the wife of a SCORE magazine reader. "When Shelby saw that other wives were doing it, she realized that it could really happen," Mr. Gibson said. He accompanied his lovely wife to all of her shoots; he was even standing a few feet away while Mrs. Gibson sucked and fucked JMac's cock. Now that's devotion! Shelby used to be a waitress at Hooters. We've been to a lot of Hooters and have never seen a girl built like Shelby. Here, Shelby squeezes her big tits into tiny bikinis in an impressive outdoor show, then she moves inside to deep-finger her hairy pussy. 40Something: Of all the swimsuits you modeled for this scene, which was your favorite and why? Shelby: The white one and the blue one. They made me feel incredibly sexy and desirable. 40Something: Which ones would you never wear in public? Shelby: The red microkini was fun for the shoot, but I would never wear it in public. 40Something: Which suits would you wear to a resort for adults or a private beach or pool? Shelby: I would definitely wear the white one and the blue one. 40Something: What's your favorite style of swimsuit? Shelby: The right monokini emphasizes my assets the best. 40Something: Have you ever worn any suits like these to a public beach? Shelby: Yes, I've worn monokinis like the blue one on the beach. It's a lot of fun because I get lots of heads turning and long looks. Lots of attention! 40Something: Do you always wear heels with your swimsuits? Shelby: Not on the beach, of course, but heels are good on the way to the beach and after. I get even more attention! 40Something: What criteria does a suit need to meet before you buy it? Shelby: It needs to turn heads and drop jaws!