Princess Of Pumpkins

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Beautiful, young, blonde, 32T-cup boobs, ivory skin, a golden muff...Princess Pumpkins brings back the flavor and flair of the Big '90s combined with 21st century style. Her cover issue (August '17) sold-out very quickly. She mentioned that some of her webcam followers are veteran SCORE readers. That doesn't surprise us. SCORELAND: So you masturbate about six hours a day when you're webcamming. Are you always getting off? Princess: Things fluctuate. You have your good days, you have your bad. SCORELAND: Do guys ever send you toys to play with? Princess: Yes. Big ones! SCORELAND: Do you have an active sex life? Princess: Pretty active. SCORELAND: How often do you have sex? Princess: I didn't know you were supposed to count that! Every other day, maybe? SCORELAND: So despite masturbating five or six hours a day, you're still horny. Princess: I'm a pretty horny girl. SCORELAND: They say girls with big boobs are hornier. Do you think that's true? Princess: That's probably where we keep our pheromones. SCORELAND: Never thought of that.