MILF Monday

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Desiree Dalton is an in-demand interior designer and a good-looking woman at 45 years old. What she wants, she gets. When contractors working on her clients' houses are not responsive, fast and skilled, she gets aggressive in every way. Largo finds out the hard way when he gets a phone call in the middle of Ms. Dalton's directions for a redesign job. The interruption pisses her off, so while he's on the phone, she grabs his junk to make her position clear. Design work takes a less important position when Largo takes this as a cue to show Desiree his workman's tool. She needs to chill her bitchy attitude. As is often the case, a good fuck will relax her. He undresses Desiree and begins sucking and playing with her perky tits. Desiree's fine nipples get hard as fast as quick-drying cement. He sticks his fingers in her cunt and mouth to prepare her for his prick. Largo sits Desiree down and finger-bangs her some more while licking her shaved snatch. She loves that tongue action. Now she's ready to swallow his salami hero. What a mouth! As much as she wants to lick and suck it, she also wants it inside her cunt, so she sits on his massive cock, shoving it into her tight hole and bouncing up and down. This should calm her down. For dessert, she milks the bone and swallows every drop of his cum. Largo will be sure to give this stressed-out professional much more attention in their future dealings.