Plump Humped

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Our man in Prague is stuck. He's been commissioned to shoot hardcore scenes with attractive girls, and not just any attractive girls. Prague is loaded with slinky, pretty girls. He needs attractive girls with big, fat tits and big butts. Unfortunately for him, he's been getting nowhere. He decides to connect with one of the porn studs to see if he can help. Always happy to extend some of that famous European hospitality, Dennis is happy to call a girl he knows. She has all of the qualifications our man needs and she can come right over. Enter Angelina Vallem. She's got everything the doctor ordered. She's flirty, giggly and frisky, and she's always eager to pop her giant, fleshy tits out, especially when there's a camera pointed at her and an eager stud ready to service her and drop a massive load of cum on her meaty, mighty mams. Dennis tells smiley-faced Angelina in her native tongue that the cameraman wants a very hot, natural scene. Laughing, Angelina says "Okay!" and applies her native tongue to Dennis's boner for starters. She does not need the cameraman's direction, just Dennis's erection.