Dressing The Pumpkins

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Beautiful, young, blonde, 32T boobs, a golden muff. Princess Pumpkins brings back the flavor and flair of the Big '90s, the decade that SCORE began its big boob odyssey. SCORELAND: So in what ways is the experience of doing a cam show different compared to doing a video in front of one photographer? Princess: During a cam show, I am in total control. It's cool because if I feel like sitting around and finger painting naked one minute and getting pounded by a fucking machine the next, I can! I do love being professionally shot, though, because it takes all the stress off me and I can just lay around in the sexy clothes they give me and play with myself. SCORELAND: When you leave your place to do ordinary errands, how do you dress? Princess: When you see my SCORE shoots, you have a general idea of what I wear when I go food shopping. I'm a big fan of wearing as little as possible as often as possible. SCORELAND: If you can pick any word or sentence printed on a T-shirt, what would it be? Princess: It would be between: Yes, they're real! Real expensive! Yes, your girlfriend can feel my boobs. SCORELAND: Have your breasts every fallen out of your top in public? Where did that happen? Princess: Honestly, at just about every convention or club night I go to, my tits pop out at least once. My outfits aren't known for being very covering and with boobs as massive as mine it kinda just happens, and I'm okay with that.