Catsuit Girl

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The mad-beautiful body of Katie Thornton is encased in a form-fitting catsuit dotted all over with small holes. Katie looks like a secret agent out to kick some ass or a space girl who just beamed in from that distant planet called England. The cool blonde's also brought along a pump to place over her breasts to stiffen her nipples and to pump her pussy. World-traveler Katie collects passport stamps like some girls collect dolls. A beautician and beauty shop owner with wanderlust, Katie's been all over Europe and India was a recent destination. Ed Rob writes about Model of the Year contest candidate Katie, "Speaking of impossible choices, it almost breaks my heart not to give my vote to Hitomi again as I've come to see her as second only to Linsey Dawn herself (and perhaps Chloe Vevrier) as the greatest SCORE Girl of all-time. Katie just pips Hitomi to the post this time for me although it's practically a photo finish. Perhaps they too should do a girl-girl scene together to settle things once and for all?"