Dripping Wet

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Writes P.G. "Anna Beck: this Czech beauty has such a lovely face, great ass and especially those huge, pendulous boobs with those blue veins running through them! This lady could be a legend! Keep those huge tits coming!" With eight solo or hardcore DVDs to her name (all of her back issue XL Girls magazines are sold out), Anna is well on her way to legendary status. When it comes to tit-play, Anna is a black belt, yanking, squeezing, jiggling, shaking and any other game you can think of. "I have to have my bras tailored," Anna said. "And I have to buy them at specialty shops or on the internet. It's not so simple to walk into a ladies clothing store and find bras that fit and ones that I like." Here we join Anna in the bathroom where she bathes and showers and presses her tits against the glass shower door. "I don't know why guys like to see this. I guess it's a novelty for them?" asks Anna. The fact is, we like to see Anna do everything with her boobs.