Happy Spanksgiving

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The lovely Nila (pronounced "Nee-la") Mason does her kitchen magic in this video. And while Thanksgiving is an American holiday, Nila creates a holiday at XL Girls called Spanksgiving with her own style of curvy cuisine. We're not sure what Nila is whipping up. Maybe some kind of Russian pancake mix. Most of it is winding up on her crazy-generous body instead of in the bowl. This is an excellent way for hot and well-endowed girls to cook. When they get some foodstuff on their clothing, they take it off and proceed bare-chested. Then totally naked, Nila gets on top of the kitchen counter and turns herself into a whipped cream sundae. This is enough to drive a guy insane. What would those TV chefs and foodies think? They'd probably ask for more Nila Mason if they have normal testosterone levels. "My breasts are a very big part of me," said Nila. That's the double entendre of the year. Nila has taken over the XL Girls Model Directory. "I think my best features are my breasts and my face. I love to have my breasts caressed and touched for a long time. I love to have my breasts licked and my nipples bitten. Gently! The funniest compliment I ever heard was 'Your parents did well.'"