She Likes Creaming

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Dreamy and creamy. That's Sophie Mae. Since the very first day she appeared at SCORELAND, Sophie has been the stuff big-boob dreams are made of. She has a body that won't quit! Sophie pours so much white skin cream on her rich, supple body, it's surprising she doesn't slide off the bed. Sophie shows every inch of her sexy, voluptuous body, and a sensational body it is. When she offers her tits up for complete inspection, count your blessings. Girls like her don't come along every day of the week. Sophie is also a professional dance instructor. Her main interest is middle-eastern belly dancing and she knows many other styles of dance. She started in mainstream modeling and then inched into nude modeling. Sophie's very confident and knows how she wants to look in pictures. She's also very knowledgeable about make-up, hair styling and photography. "Great" doesn't begin to describe this super-cutie.