Getting really wet twat with Tylo

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A few things you might like to know about 44-year-old Tylo Duran: 1. She's been a private personal trainer. 2. She likes soccer and football and is a fan of the New England Patriots. 3. She was born in Maryland and lives in Virginia. 4. She used to be a feature dancer. She said "feature dancer." We say stripper. It sounds dirtier. In this video, Tylo wears the clear fuck-me pumps that strippers love to wear. 5. She's a mom. 6. Sometimes she wears panties. Sometimes she doesn't. "It depends upon my mood," she said. It depends on whether she's itching for a quickie. 7. Her favorite TV show is Modern Family. Her favorite movie is It's A Wonderful Life. 8. She loves sushi. 9. She has blue-green eyes. 10. She has sex at least four times a week. She had sex four times in two days while she was in our studio. We wonder what she did the rest of the week.