Lola is hot in the kitchen

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"One time in the middle of sex, a guy asked me why my pussy was so tight," said naturally stacked Czech student Lola Hot. "That's a very strange question, no?" Yes. We can see a guy saying, "Oh, your pussy is so tight!" while he's fucking it or fingering it, but why would he ask why it's so tight? Why ask why? Just enjoy it and compliment the girl on her tight pussy. In this scene, Lola is getting hot in the kitchen. Here's part of a Q&A we did with this cute babe with the big tits and tight pussy. We didn't ask her why her pussy was so tight. What satisfies you best? "When men lick my nipples." What is your favorite position? "Cowgirl." What type of foreplay do you like? "No foreplay." Really? Just right to the sucking and fucking. Ahhh...if only more girls were like Lola. Are you into any fetishes? "No, none. I am a regular girl." Regular girls don't have tits as big as hers.