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We celebrate Karen Kougar's return to our studio (she shot for in 2008 and did a few scorching anal scenes) with a video interview conducted in our dressing room. Last time she was here, Karen was 46. Now, she's 50, and we think she looks better than before. Her hair is red. It used to be jet-black. Her tits are bigger. They used to be D-cups. Now they're F-cups. She proudly shows them to us. "I never say no to showing off my boobs," Karen says. "I'm really pleased with them." She should be. "I'm doing anal today," Karen reveals. And then she takes her butt plug out of her ass right in front of us! "It was hidden in a very, very deep, dark place," she says. It had been up her ass for two hours this morning, then the night before, and on the plane. Yes, she was sitting on the plane wearing a butt-plug. Gotta love these MILFs. "This is the first time anyone has seen me in film as a redhead," Karen says. During the course of this interview, Karen shows off her ass and slaps it. She shows off her lippy pussy. Actually, she spends most of the last five minutes of the interview touching her pussy, which can be a little distracting. Unless, of course, all you care about is seeing her pussy.